Welcome the highest Price to Earnings ratio companies on the JSE

Getting expensive or geared for growth?

Some big names in here – Curro, SUI, PPC, Richemont, Gold miners, Clicks, Naspers, Famous Brands, MTN, Capitec and more. Which of these companies do you believe still offer good value? These are the 30 JSE listed companies with the highest PE ratios as taken from google finance on the end of September 2017 and includes a pref share or two. Excluding the top 6 outliers, the remainder on this list have an average PE of over 36x.

What does this mean?

Interpretation – Investopedia says the following. Generally a high P/E ratio means that investors are anticipating higher growth in the future. The average market P/E ratio is 20-25 times earnings (must be the US). The P/E ratio can use estimated earnings to get the forward looking P/E ratio. Companies that are losing money do not have a P/E ratio.

Company name Symbol Mcap P/E DY% 52w%
Sabvest Limited   SVN 1.34B 293.29
Datatec Ltd.   DTC 12.30B 285.09 1.09 7.55
Sabvest Limited   SBV 1.20B 266.62 2.37 -15.52
Rex Trueform Clothing Co RTO 293.13M 184.43 1.17 61.4
DRDGOLD Ltd.   DRD 2.20B 157.42 0.98 -24.59
Rex Trueform Clothing Co RTN 293.13M 102.24
Curro Hldg   COH 15.19B 74.23 -14.89
Spanjaard Limited   SPA 30.13M 72.95 4.32 0
Labat Africa Limited   LAB 115.32M 52.26 62.96
Sun International Ltd   SUI 5.73B 51.4 4.14 -38.69
PPC Ltd   PPC 9.82B 48.4 6.17 10.22
Richemont SA   CFR 637.17B 35.55 2.04 49.16
E Media Holdings Ltd   EMH 2.45B 35.47 -51.75
Gold Fields Limited   GFI 48.20B 33.82 1.72 -13.19
E Media Holdings Ltd   EMN 2.46B 33.8
Clicks Group Ltd   CLS 38.37B 33.58 1.82 24.68
Life Healthcare Group  LHC 33.93B 32.87 5.09 -33.23
Huge Group Ltd.   HUG 1.48B 31.99 24.44
Astral Foods Limited   ARL 7.37B 31.88 1.65 44.06
Naspers Limited   NPN 1.28T 31.51 0.2 25.12
Absa Bank Limited   ABSP 3.47B 31.04
Harmony Gold Mining Co HAR 10.76B 30.96 3.48 -50.1
Gemgrow Properties Ltd   GPA 3.14B 29.05 10.46 0.21
Famous Brands Ltd   FBR 11.54B 28.05 -25.95
MTN Group Limited   MTN 232.69B 27.96 5.62 3.91
Alaris Holdings Ltd   ALH 265.11M 27.1 -22.3
Rockcastle Global Real Estate   ROC 33.23B 26.95
Capitec Bank Holdings Ltd CPI 99.29B 26.24 1.43 44.01
MiX Telematics Ltd.   MIX 3.24B 25.96 1.56 65.15
AfroCentric Inv Corp Ltd   ACT 3.49B 25.37 4.44 16.67


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