Trading do’s and don’ts

How many times have you heard this before? Never enough.

Do this

  Be patient. It’s a virtue.
  Go with the trend. Not against it.
  Enter with high probability patterns.
  Use candles to confirm your entry.
  Use a stop loss. Cut losing trades quickly.
  Add to winning trades.
  Quantify risk before entering the trade.
  Stick to your guns. Obey your rules.
  Keep a diary. Track, measure & improve.
  Take a break when you’ve had enough.

Not this

  Never against the trend. Don’t catch a falling piano.
  Never guess. Bottom pickers become cotton pickers.
  Never add to losing trades or double down.
  Never trade without a stop loss. You will regret it.
  Don’t chase the market. There are ample opportunities.
  Don’t over-trade. Sit back until the time is right.
  Never revenge trade. You will come second.
  Never forgot your rules. Just stick to them.
  Never let you confidence slip.

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