South African Public Holidays 2018 (including observances & religious)

South African Public Holidays for 2018

1-Jan (Mon) – New Year’s Day
21-Mar (Wed) – Human Rights Day
30-Mar (Fri) – Good Friday
2-Apr (Mon) – Family Day
27-Apr (Fri) – Freedom Day
1-May (Tue) – Workers’ Day
16-Jun (Sat) – Youth Day
9-Aug (Thu) – National Women’s Day
24-Sep (Mon) – Heritage Day
16-Dec (Sun) – Day of Reconciliation
17-Dec (Mon) – Day of Reconciliation observed
25-Dec (Tue) – Christmas Day
26-Dec (Wed) – Day of Goodwill

Change of seasons in South Africa in 2018

20-Mar (Tue) – March equinox
21-Jun (Thu) – June Solstice
23-Sep (Sun) – September equinox
21-Dec (Fri) – December Solstice

Observances in South Africa for 2018

31-Mar (Sat) – Holy Saturday
1-Apr (Sun) – Easter Sunday
13-May (Sun) – Mother’s Day
17-Jun (Sun) – Father’s Day
18-Jul (Wed) – Nelson Mandela Day
24-Dec (Mon) – Christmas Eve
31-Dec (Mon) – New Year’s Eve

Hindu Holidays in South Africa in 2018

13-Feb (Tue) – Maha Shivaratri
2-Mar (Fri) – Holi
26-Aug (Sun) – Raksha Bandhan
2-Sep (Sun) – Janmashtami
12-Sep (Wed) – Ganesh Chaturthi
9-Oct (Tue) – Navaratri
18-Oct (Thu) – Dussehra

Muslim Holidays in South Africa in 2018

13-Apr (Fri) – Isra and Mi’raj
10-Jun (Sun) – Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Destiny)
15-Jun (Fri) – Eid-al-Fitr
22-Aug (Wed) – Eid-al-Adha
12-Sep (Wed) – Muharram/Islamic New Year
21-Nov (Wed) – Prophet’s Birthday

Download the spreadsheet: SA HOLIDAYS 2018

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