How to set up your very own trading plan

What do you want to achieve? How will you get there? Is it realistic? Is it possible?

  1. Start with at least R100k.
  2. Never risk more than 2% of capital.
  3. Focus on say only the top 100 local CFD’s.
  4. Check the Big picture, say weekly on a Monday.
  5. Sectors strength can be measured with RSI vs 50d MA.
  6. For the Small picture you can set daily scans.
  7. Alert on wave/SR/MA/HL, divergence, candle, wedge, etc.
  8. Time frames from daily, 15min, tick.
  9. Enter only on confirmation, with the trend.
  10. Stop loss always pre-loaded when you enter.
  11. Run profits, take half off and set trailing stop on rest.
  12. Max positions no more than 8, including pairs.
  13. Add to winners, ie 100/75/50/25, up stop to previous entry.


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