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CFP’s are not just here to sell you products. With proper planning they could save you, your loved ones or your business in both the short term and the long run. Shout if you need any help.

Financial Planning for Individuals

You are unique, so why go for a one-size-fits-all solution? Our partners offer customized financial planning to cover your own, unique and individual needs when it comes to life cover, disability, trauma, critical illness, dreaded disease and loss of income.

Financial Planning for Businesses

What happens if your business partner or employer dies or leaves the business? It may fall apart completely. There are effective ways to alleviate this, through Key-man Policies, Buy & Sell Agreements, Restraints of Trade, Contingency Liability Cover and more. Quite simple really, but it has to be done beforehand. So get your ducks in a row today. 

Retirement & Tax Planning

Retirement planning usually goes hand-in-hand with tax planning. There are many options to plan for retirement, while being tax efficient. Some choices include RA’s (Retirements Annuities), Provident Funds, Pension Funds, and Preferred & Deferred Compensation Plans. The latter could also be used to maintain your employees.

Investment Planning

Everyone’s situation is different. That’s why it is prudent to quickly complete a risk profile to determine your own needs and risk appetite before deciding on the best fit investment. These can include Share portfolios, Bonds, Cash, Property, Endowments, Unit trusts, Linked Investment Platforms, Managed accounts, Tax-free savings and more.

Estate Planning

Do you have a will or testament and when last was it updated? What happens when you die? This is often the most neglected part of anyone’s financial planning. Think about the ones you leave behind. Will there be enough cash to cover estate duties and taxes plus assets to provide for your loved ones? The last thing you want for them is to have to dispose of a family home or sit with a financial burden. Rule of thumb: R1m capital = R6000 monthly income, escalting at 6% per annum.

PPS, for Professionals

It stands for the Professional Provident Society. This is the ultimate protection for the Professionals, ie Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Engineers, Accountants, or anyone with at least a 4 year Degree. Cover includes Sickness, Disability, Hospital Benefit, Group Life Cover, Group Lump Sum, Disability and Medical Aid. PPS also recently (September 2017) introduced additional options (some with longer waiting periods) to broaden their customer base, so some of these stringent qualifying criteria might be relaxed. 

Income Protection

What is your biggest asset? Your ability to earn an income. If you lose that, you can lose a lot more. If you are a professional, there are great options available from PPS – after a 7 day waiting period your benefits are payable from day one. Not a professional? You can also insure yourself against loss of income in case of sickness or incapacity.

Retrenchment Cover

The world is changing, fast. You can insure yourself against retrenchment for up to 6 months, if you qualify. In short, this is not for Contract Workers, Self-Employment, the Mining Industry or Government Employees. And there are certain requirements, ie You need to be working for at least 2 years of which at least 1 year at your current employer.

Medical Aids

Quality medical care costs and arm and a leg, pun intended, with private costs going up-and-up. The majority of our population may survive a terrible accident or critical illness, but not the financial impact thereof (unless they are properly insured). At the very least you should consider a basic hospital plan with medical gap cover. There are numerous providers to consider – Discovery, Medshield, Fedhealth, Momentum, Oxygen, to name a few. Our professionals can point you in the right direction. 

Gap Cover

Gap cover is a short term insurance that covers the gap between what your medical aid will pay and what healthcare professionals actually charge, up to a certain amount. Have you been left with a massive shortfall after a hospital procedure, where your medical aid only covers a certain amount. Never again. Gap cover is one of the best bang-for-buck forms of insurance around, and the author certainly won’t risk being without it.


Short Term Insurance, Personal lines

Personal lines: Everybody own assets that needs to be insured, be it a car, house, household contents, boat, motorcycle or any other items, that needs to be insured. We deal with all the major companies and would gladly assist you in being correctly insured at the best possible premium.

Short Term Insurance, for Business

Every business have their own risks associated with their specific trade and must be insured accordingly. You might survive a fire, burglary, theft, damaged equipment or small business interruption, but maybe not a drought, lost crop, malicious director, public liability or other business all risks. What could go wrong? The thing that eventually will is likely the one you haven’t even considered yet. 

Life Insurance

Boring but necessary, it usually isn’t even for your own benefit, but for those that you leave behind. You pay a monthly premium and upon your death a lump sum gets paid out to your estate, or as you specified. Life cover is often bundled with an investment component and these days even cash backs after certain periods. A payout could also be triggered upon terminal or critical illness or certain disabilities, if so structured.



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