Satrix: An easy & cost effective way of investing in the stock market

Why do we like Satrix investments?

Investing in the JSE might be easier than you think. You can even sign a debit order and buy the Top 40 companies every month. This will allow you to earn income in the form of dividends and capital gains if the share prices go up. You can withdraw your income; or reinvest it to buy more shares and get the snowball effect of compound growth.

  Easy to start
  Debit order available
  Income from dividends
  Aim for compound growth

You are in control

You are not locked in to any specific period and can decide when to sell. And by buying into different companies you spread your risk and diversify your investment. You can start from as little as R300pm, or lump sums of R1000 each. This is one of the most cost effective ways to invest in listed companies with small amounts of capital.

  Spread your risk
  No lock-in periods
  Start from R1k or R300pm
  Cost effective investment strategy

How you can benefit by starting to invest today

Have you though about the future? Many people today don’t have any pension or provident funds. So take control and provide for your retirement. Do you want to buy a property? Start investing now for the required deposit and lessen the burden of a home loan later on. What about your children’s education? Ensure they have the funds available to go to school and university. A small amount today can secure their future. And what about yourself? By putting away & growing a small amount every month you can afford those year-end luxuries or that dream holiday.

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