This is what we love about the new Iress Viewpoint trading platform

Iress Trader will soon be phased out and replaced with Iress Viewpoint. Viewpoint has all the features from Trader (and more), blended with the simplicity of Iress Investor. This is why we like it.

  1. Any browser
  2. Charts by Tradingview
  3. More indicators & time frames
  4. The usual suspects
  5. Experimental features
  6. Support & documentation
  7. Exchanges
  8. Alerts & notifications
  9. Excel add-in

1. Any browser

No more java! Now you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari’s Opera and Microsoft Edge, all instead of just being stuck with Internet Explorer. Love it. Over the next couple of weeks, we will certainly play around with the platform on all of these browsers in order to find the best overall experience. The only downside of not using java in a browser is that you cannot activate right-click anymore, but this is a tiny price to pay.

2. Charts by Tradingview

We at Tradingideas are already fans of and use charting by Tradingview, so it came as a pleasant surprise to see this in the new Iress Viewpoint platform as well. Now you have the cool Bloomberg-like area view chart that shades the section below the price line downwards to the x-axis. More importantly, you can view log scales and % changes, unlike before. 

3. Indicators & time frames

At first glance there seems to be more indicators, however personally this isn’t a major advantage as we firmly believe you should steers clear of overanalyzing. And this is a trading platform after all, not a charting package. More importantly, there are additional timeframes and you can go back much further (looks like all history). Nice.

4. The usual suspects

We’re not going to mention all the good thing that you are already used to from Iress Trader, suffice to say that they all remain. You can still load fancy contingent orders, trailing stops and more. Oh, and there are some templates for setting up new screens, but we are still playing around with it before commenting on same. Watch this space.

5. Exchanges

Not just the JSE. You can trade multiple exchanges (same as before), depending on how your trading account has been configured. Other exchanges include Australia, Bangkok (Thailand), Hon Kong, Japan, Kuala Lampur (Malaysia), London, Nasdaq, New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Toronto and more.

6. Alerts & notifications

Not only price alerts (say when AGL drops below ‘x’ or SHF breaks above ‘y’), but also based on news items – so you can get informed instantly when there are things like earnings updates, trading statements or offers to minorities on shares that you are watching. And it can be delivered inside the browser or to your email (say on your mobile phone). You can also see a list of all your rules and temporarily disable them, for reactivation later (next change, next minute, hour or day, or never).

When it comes to Number formats you can choose to see values in 1,000’s (k) or 1,000,000’s (millions). This save space and you’ll never feel like you are looking at a googol (Naspers).

7. Experimental features

There is well over 150 experimental features that you can play around with to simplify your trading life. Some of these are extremely helpful. And, we suspect sooner rather than later, they should all be in production so no more experimental environment. At least now you can try before you buy (with no purchase required).

8. Support & documentation

Their helpdesk is not 24/7, rather Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. They can be reached on 0861 737 3797 or There is also an online type user manual that is only accessible from within the Viewpoint platform. It is easy to navigate and contains enough screenshots, even though it feels a bit like it was written by a machine, not a human.

9. Excel add-in

Saving the best (and worst) for last. This is arguably one of the highlights of the platform – being able to get live time series data in Excel and manipulating it to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, same as with the previous Iress Trader, we had no luck in getting this to work with Office 365.

After numerous hours of testing, installing, error screens and endless loops, Iress support confirmed our suspicions that Office 365 is not yet supported on the Excel add-in. Only 32 bit versions of Office 2010, 2013 or 2016 will do the trick. At the time of writing we have not yet had an opportunity the create a separate user login for Windows just to install one of these ‘lesser’ versions of Office to test the Excel add-in. Watch this space.

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