Looking for the 30 Lowest-P/E shares listed on the JSE?

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This wasn’t a overly scientific approach – we simply show the 30 shares listed on the JSE in terms of the lowest (not zero) price to earnings ratio, with information from google finance as at the end of September 2017.


This include the odd tracker, ETF and pref share – preference shares below are indicated as * and include – Nedbank, Stanbank, Barloworld, Foschini, Liberty, Nampak, AECI, Capitec and more. Note that there aren’t any or many Top 40/100 companies left on the list when you exclude the pref shares.

Average of 2.2x

The average of these 30 lowest P/E’s are 2.2x – compare this to the average of 16.3 if you take all >400 shares listed on the JSE. We also recently ranked the 30 highest P/E companies on the JSE and their average came to over 36 (excluding the top 6 outliers).

Company name Symbol Mcap P/E DY% 52w%
Nedbank Ltd   NBKP* 3.07B 0.02 -6.08
Standard Bank Group Ltd   SBKP* 257.70B 0.06
Barloworld Limited   BAWP* 26.32B 0.14
Foschini Group Ltd   TFGP* 31.42B 0.14
Liberty Holdings Ltd   LBHP* 29.94B 0.16
Nampak Limited   NPKP* 12.81B 0.56
Nampak Limited   NPP1* 12.81B 0.56
Central Rand Gold Limited   CRD 22.96M 0.8 -87.5
Alliance Mining Corp ALM 345.96M 1.15
Freedom Property Fund Ltd   FDP 84.31M 1.16
AECI Limited   AFEP* 12.19B 1.99
Command Holdings Limited   CMA 45.60M 2.27
Adrenna Property Group Ltd   ANA 53.12M 2.52 2.15
Hospitality Property Fund  HPB 8.07B 2.69
Primeserv Group Limited   PMV 66.03M 2.81 1.35 -12.28
Capitec Bank Holdings  CPIP* 102.42B 2.87
RECM & Calibre Limited   RACP* 1.09B 3.02 0
Bsi (sa) Limited   BSS 208.76M 3.04 -32.56
Wesizwe Platinum Ltd.   WEZ 927.86M 3.07 3.7
Pallinghurst Resources Ltd   PGL 3.55B 3.14 -35.06
Delta EMD Ltd   DTA 47.71M 3.35 105.26 -3.06
Verimark Holdings   VMK 94.85M 3.43 13.61 112.82
York Timber Holdings  YRK 871.16M 3.61 -7.02
Brikor Ltd   BIK 66.90M 3.69
Acsion Ltd   ACS 3.00B 3.81 1.64 -15.46
Mazor Group Limited   MZR 185.90M 3.94 5 17.66
Texton Property Fund Ltd   TEX 2.61B 4.19 15.83 -20.25
Workforce Holdings Limited   WKF 402.16M 4.29 -11.76

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