Have we spotted a branch code bug in Nedbank’s internet banking?

It has to do with the built-in list of branch codes. Most bank these days use universal branch codes. But some of them (especially the smaller banks and countries like Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland) still list individual branch codes.


We are logged in to Nedbank internet banking and loading a new payment. If we select a bank that uses a universal branch code (like Grindrod Bank), that universal branch code (584000 in this case) will be displayed in the ‘type branch code here’ field – but when you then select another bank that doesn’t make use of universal codes (such as HBZ Bank Ltd), the code that was in that field before (Grindrod’s 584000 here) remains. When you then continue to load the payment and want to proceed: you do get a validation error on the account number (because we entered a dummy account number here), but the incorrect branch number remains.


Would this cause and erroneous payment, or cash to end up somewhere in a suspense account? Or are we just being paranoid? Screenshots below.


This happened using Windows 10 with Firefox 56.0 (32-bit). We haven’t check other browsers or operating systems. It was easier to contact the Nedbank Support Center for Individuals & Small Business Services on 0860 555 111 or +27 11 710 4000 (for international clients). Will update you here when they respond.

PS, want a comprehensive list of bank branch codes codes in South Africa?



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