The complete list of gap cover providers in South Africa

Gap cover for everyone? I just want gap cover for myself

There are 18 gap cover providers in South Africa shown here – and the list is growing. Which one should you go for? Have a look, all the info is at your fingertips, in alphabetical order.

PS, if find it hard to choose, contact us. We’ll get someone to help you decide at no cost to you (that’s right, whether you go to any of these service providers directly or whether you work through a financial adviser, the cost stays the same).

Admed (Guardrisk)

Admed will pay up to 2 times the amount paid by your medical aid towards this shortfall, not exceeding the value of the actual shortfall. This means that the calculation of the amount payable to you will be based on how much your medical aid has paid and not on the scheme rate of your medical aid.



As an underwriting agency they do not assume any insurance risk and their revenues generated are based entirely on management fees and profit commissions. Ambledown is one of the leading health insurance product providers in South Africa with over 150,000 Gap Cover (or similar) policy holders.



Distributors of niche financial products. At the time of writing their new website was being launched. We are eagerly awaiting the final product.



At Cura they are ready to help you enhance your medical cover without leaving your chosen medical scheme. Enjoy the ultimate in medical cover for total peace of mind. Put the fears for excessive hospital cost shortfalls and unforeseen co-payments for medical services behind you.



They have 3 options: Discovery Gap Cover from R90pm (choose between Core or Comprehensive), Supplementary Gap cover from R65pm and a combination of the two from R155pm. An overall annual limit of R150,000 applies to each person.



Essential Gap is not a medical aid, therefore cannot refund providers directly and will pay the refund into the member’s account. Sirago Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd (FSP 4710) is an Underwriting Agency for GENRIC Insurance Co Ltd (FSP 43638). The website had limited functionality at the time of writing.


iWyze by Old Mutual

iWYZE Gap Cover offers In-andOut-of-Hospital benefits to cover extensive medical expense shortfalls for tariffs, oncology, sub-limits, co-payments and deductibles, plus a Benefit Extender. Hospitalisation for: Accidental harm, illness or other health incidents; Oncology treatment, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other drug regimen; Kidney dialysis; Trauma.



For only R139 you will be covered for up to R 2,000,000 per family and R 200,000 per individual family member per calendar year. As the principal member of a Medical Gap Cover you also qualify for a R 25,000 benefit in the of being permanently disabled as a result of an accident. Roadcover has also been included as a service to our members from 1 January 2012, at no additional cost


Jenus (Indwe)

GAP cover provides you with peace of mind when you need it most. PSA have endorsed the Xelus Gap product through Jenus Health. For R196 per family per month you can enjoy full peace of mind, transparent and worthwhile cover. Your plan might also have in-hospital co-payments, limited oncology cover and certain sub-limits. GAP boosts these benefits, giving you full peace of mind.



Liberty Medical Gap Cover offers three options, namely Core, Standard & Universal. Cover includes No age limits; No restrictions on the number of children; No underwriting requirements; shortfalls in hospital are covered up to 500% of the Medical Scheme Tariff without an annual maximum claim limit; Co-payments for hospital admissions, scans and certain surgical procedures are also covered without an annual maximum claim limit. Extended cancer and dentistry cover and related benefits are also available.



From only R198 per month, Sanlam Medical Gap Cover Insurance provides for the difference between what your medical aid pays and the rates charged by medical specialists. In certain cases the cost for in-hospital procedures or outpatient treatment may exceed the base medical aid rate by 5-times. By taking out Sanlam Medical Gap Cover Insurance, you ensure that you and your family aren’t left with a large excess amount to settle.



Sirago Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP 4710), offering a variety of financial products tailored for the unique requirements of the South African market. As an underwriting manager, Sirago seeks market opportunities in specific niche products. Product development includes the costing, policy wording and marketing strategy of a product. After the full development of a new product is done it would be presented to a registered insurance company, who will then underwrite the product.



A wide range of gap cover products for individuals, families and employers. Range includes Base, Compact 200, Edge 200, Co-Evolution 500, Elite 500, Access Optimizer 500, Corporate Compact 200, Corporate Elite and Corporate Access. Which one suits you best? FIA health insurance product supplier of the year awards winner in 2016 and 2017.



Elixi Gap Cover is a medical expense shortfall policy which fills the gap between what is covered by your medical aid, and the actual costs from 101% up to 500% of the medical practitioner cost for in hospital procedures and certain outpatient procedures. Single site 600 seat contact centre in Umhlanga. Every day we speak to over 65,000 potential clients, from which we generate more than 30,000 new sales each month. 



Three options: Premier, Enhance, Optimal. Founded in 2001. Turnberry Management Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd is an authorised FSP no. 36571. Turnberry offers a range of products best suited to your needs, providing unsurpassed service, while at the same time helping you to avoid the potential financial burden of exorbitant medical costs.



Focus on corporates. Clients include ACSA, Astral, Bidvest, Didata, Discovery, Edcon, Goldfields, IDC, Mr Price, Plascon, PWC, Santam, Simba, Sun International & Vodacom. Two main products: Fusion™ covers medical aid shortfalls (ie oncology treatment, surgeons accounts, co-payments, sub-limits and other deductibles). FusionX adds a fully-fledged Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), ensuring that both the physical and mental wellness of clients are covered.



They have two options – Essential gap cover and Universal gap cover. From R216 (Essential young individual) to R420pm (Universal for a family). Up to 500% of Medical Aid Tariff. Co-Payment Cover. For All Family Members. Quick and Convenient Online Application.


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