Certified Hedge Fund Professional, certification for future reference

Looking for a hedge fund career? For starters, you should be fluent on the following topics.

Introduction to Hedge Funds

Absolute Return, Accredited Investor, Alternative Investment(s)/Assets, Beta, Black Box, Correlation, Endowment, Free-Ride Syndrome, Hedge Fund Administrator, High Watermark, Inflation, Initial Public Offering, Institutional Investor, Jones Hedge Funds, Limited Liability Companies, Liquidation, Long-Term Capital Management, Manager Risk, Modern Portfolio Theory, Non-Systematic Risk, Over-the-Counter (OTC), Pension Funds, Prime Broker, Private Equity, SEC, Systematic Risk

Hedge Fund Strategies

130/30 Funds, Convertible Bond Arbitrage, Credit Default Swaps, Derivatives, Distressed Debt, Distressed Securities, Equity Long/Short, Event Driven, Fund of Hedge Funds, Futures, Global Macro, Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs), Long/Short, Market Neutral, Market Timers, Merger Arbitrage, Multi-Fund, Multi-Manager, Multi-Market, Multi-Strategy, Short Selling, Statistical Arbitrage, Top-Down Managers, Volatility Arbitrage

Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Auditing Firm, Bankruptcy, Counterparty Credit Risk, Custodian, Disclosure, Early Redemption Fee, Exposure Limits, Fraud, General Partner, Lock-Up, Prospectus, Public Records, Registrar, Sanctions, Self-Selection Bias, Stock Market Manipulation, Target Return, Tax Liens, Turnover

Fund of Hedge Funds

Convergent Strategy, Convertible Bond Arbitrage, Distressed Securities, Divergent Strategy, Double Layer of Fees, Equity Long/Short, Fund of Hedge Fund Industry Growth, Fund of Hedge Fund Industry Size, Fund of Hedge Funds, Global Macro, Individual Investors, Institutional Investors, Long/Short, Market Neutral, Market Timers, Minimum Investment, Multi-Strategy Fund of Hedge Funds, Opportunistic Investing, Policy Effect, Short Selling, Single Strategy Fund of Hedge Funds, Transparency

Hedge Fund Portfolio Analysis

Alpha, Appraisal Ratio, Basis Risk, Beta Drivers, Capital Asset Pricing Model, Covariance, Downside Risk, Drawdown, Hedge Fund Administrator, Hurdle rate, Information ratio, Kurtosis, Leptokurtosis, Leverage, Liquidity, Omega Ratio, Platykurtosis, Portable Alpha, R-Squared, Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio, Treynor Ratio

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