50 Life Assurance companies offering Life Insurance in South Africa

Yip, the list seems almost endless. Keep in mind that there are numerous mergers and acquisitions so ownership might change often, especially among the smaller player. Do you know which ones are the biggest? List below in Alphabetical order, with links to each provider.

  1. 1Life
  2. Absa Life
  3. African Life
  4. AIG Life
  5. Alexander Forbes Life Ltd
  6. All Life
  7. Allan Gray Life Ltd
  8. Assupol
  9. Avbob Mutual Assurance
  10. BoE Life Assurance
  11. Brightrock
  12. Cadiz Life
  13. Capital Alliance Life Ltd
  14. Centriq Life
  15. Channel Life Ltd
  16. Charter Life Insurance Company Ltd
  17. Clientele Life
  18. Different Life
  19. Direct Axis Life
  20. Discovery Life
  21. FIM Finance In Motion Life
  22. Frank.Net Life Insurance
  23. Guardrisk Life Ltd
  24. Hollard Life
  25. HTG Life Ltd
  26. Instant Life Ltd
  27. Investec Employee Benefits Ltd
  28. Investment Solutions Ltd
  29. Liberty Life
  30. Mclife Assurance Company
  31. Medscheme Life Assurance
  32. Metropolitan Life
  33. Miway
  34. Momentum Life
  35. New Era Life Insurance Company Ltd
  36. Old Mutual Life
  37. Outsurance Life
  38. Pinnafrica Life Ltd
  39. PPS Life
  40. Prime Meridian Direct
  41. Prosperity Life
  42. PSG Online Life
  43. Regent Life Assurance
  44. Rentmeester Assurance Ltd
  45. Safrican Insurance Company Ltd
  46. Sage Life Ltd
  47. Sanlam Life Lewens
  48. Standard Bank Life
  49. Stangen Life
  50. Vodacom Life Insurance

How many of these life insurance companies in South Africa do you recognize?

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