5 Questions answered by looking at the Top 12 crypto-currencies

We looked at the top-ranked crypto-currencies in terms of their market cap and compared their currency in circulation to the maximum supply (where applicable) to see to what extent these have been reached. And we ended off by seeing whether you can mine them or buy them right here. Summary below and info from coinmarketcap.com.

Do they all have coins in circulation?

Digitally, yes. It ranges from as little as around 7 million coins (Dash & Bitconnect), to as much as 38 billion coins (Ripple).

Is the supply capped?

Mostly, yes. Two-thirds of the Top 12 biggest crypto-currencies have a maximum total supply. The exceptions are Ethereum & Classic, Nem and Ripple.

How many of these caps have been reached?

It varies. See below. Correct at the time of writing.

Can you mine all of them?

No. Ripple, Nem, Neo & Iota cannot be mined.

Can you trade them here?

With the exception of Iota & Bitconnect, yes, you can trade all of them here. And Bitcoin you can even trade instantly with a credit card.

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