30 Worst performing companies on the JSE over the last year

Below are the 30 companies on the JSE with the biggest fall in their share price over the last 52 weeks, taken from google finance. Almost all these companies have lost more than 40% of the value each over the last year. This shows the importance of taking a stop loss. What do you think – get out while you can – or look for some opportunities to pick up good companies at a bargain?

Company name Symbol Mcap P/E DY% 52w%
Central Rand Gold Ltd   CRD 22.96M 0.8 -87.5
eXtract Group Ltd   EXG 35.48M -79.9
PBT Group Ltd   PBG 317.16M 20.75 -78.46
Gijima Group Ltd   GIJ 130.03M -77.74
African Dawn Capital Ltd   ADW 6.58M -75
Oakbay Res & Energy Ltd   ORL 4.64B -74.78
Ububele Hldg Ltd   UBU -73.33
Basil Read Hldg Ltd   BSR 96.14M -69.08
Imbalie Beauty Ltd   ILE 25.36M -63.64
Anchor Group Ltd   ACG 874.67M 7.59 7.19 -62.61
Aveng Ltd   AEG 1.07B -60.28
Group Five Ltd   GRF 1.26B 3.76 -57.87
Esor Ltd   ESR 103.74M -53.3
Sibanye Gold Ltd   SGL 32.32B 4.07 -52.06
E Media Hldg Ltd   EMH 2.45B 35.47 -51.75
Brait SE   BAT 27.81B 1.49 -51.53
Impala Platinum Hldg Ltd   IMP 26.54B -50.93
Cons.Infrastructure Group CIL 2.43B 5.45 -50.23
Harmony Gold Mining HAR 10.76B 30.96 3.48 -50.1
ArcelorMittal SA Ltd   ACL 5.26B -49.08
EOH Hldg Ltd.   EOH 13.96B 12.51 2.28 -43.33
Trans Hex Group Ltd   TSX 229.07M -43.01
Advanced Health Ltd   AVL 264.95M -42.5
AngloGold Ashanti Ltd   ANG 52.24B 1.02 -42.1
Sygnia Ltd   SYG 1.39B 16.94 5.77 -41.84
Novus Hldg Ltd   NVS 2.27B 8.14 8.51 -40.45
Stellar Capital Partners SCP 817.02M -40.16
Royal Bafokeng Platinum RBP 7.42B -39.7
Randgold & Exploration Co RNG 108.15M -39.58
Sun International Ltd   SUI 5.73B 51.4 4.14 -38.69

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